Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Pet sitting with visits to your home or “House Calls”.
    Dog Care ~ Cat Care ~ Birds and Small Animal Care ~
    Feathered or Small Farm Animals (Please ask for more information)

  • We service:

    Beloit, Clinton & Janesville, Wisconsin &

    Rockton, Roscoe, South Beloit, Illinois

  • Accepted payment is per check or cash.
    NSF returned check fee is $30.00, plus bank fees.

  • Quality time depends on your pet’s needs. About 30 minutes per visit for outside breaks, exercise and playtime, 1:1 affection, treats, food and providing fresh water, or cleaning the litter box. (Travel time to your home is not part of your pet’s quality time.)

  • Contact Eve to identify your pets care needs and requested dates.

    A scheduled in Home “Meet & Greet” appointment will be made. During this time we can establish a relationship with you and your pet(s).

    In going forward, Guardian Pet Care will provide forms for a Service Agreement, Client information, individual Pet profiles, Veterinary information.

    An individualized “Peace of Mind Care Plan” will be prepared to for you. If you desire, our forms can be sent prior to our appointment time.

    Remember, our “Meet & Greet” is part of our quality time and Guardian Pet Care does Not Charge for this visit.

  • No. Breed discrimination is not advocated by Guardian Pet Care. Each dog is an individual, temperament & behavior is identified first.

  • During the in home “Meet & Greet” visit, when your dog is in their familiar surroundings, we can address those concerns. What motivates the behavior, are there triggers to avoid, is the dog timid/shy, noise sensitive, etc? Does the dog need an additional visit to promote a comfort level with Guardian Pet Care. Safety is the Gold Standard when caring for your pet.

  • Yes. Guardian Pet Care respects the privacy of our clients, so their names or contact information will not be listed. On request, we will provide information for you. (Our client’s approval is needed prior to releasing information.)

  • This topic will be reviewed at the “Meet & Greet” session. Security and safety of your home is discussed and any concerns addressed.

    Please never leave the keys under the doormat or unsecured on the property.

  • Leash laws are always respected. Plus safety is always the 1st concern ~ always leash your pet to keep them from harm.

  • Integrity is the cornerstone of my mission to provide Holistic and Compassionate care to animals. The high standards of Professionalism from my 30 year Nursing career are applied to the care of your pet family member.

    Guardian Pet Care is Bonded and Insured.
    Copies of insurance and bond surety will be provided to clients.

  • All dogs & cats must have a current Rabies Vaccination and be up to date on your Veterinarian’s recommended vaccinations. It highly advised that Dogs be vaccinated for Bordatella (Kennel Cough). All dogs and cats receive flea and tick preventative. Dogs are on scheduled Heartworm medication.

  • Core Values of Guardian Pet Care are Integrity ~ Knowledge ~ Experience ~ Reliability ~ Compassion.

    As a Professional, I believe in being an Advocate for animal welfare; a Teacher and Resource Person for my clients and the community; Education is never ending to stay in step with current practice standards and a health care philosophy of recognizing a Holistic approach in care that identifies the Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit of each animal and the relationship with the owners.

    Thank You! For allowing me to be the “Guardian”.


  • Yes. With my medical background in nursing, I am knowledgeable in administering medications orally, (pills); Subcutaneous injections (Insulin), or providing veterinarian prescribed fluids either Subcutaneously or per the Intravenous route. Additionally, because your pet’s health condition requires prescribed medications I am able to monitor your pet for an effective response and any side effects of the medications.

    For 18 years, I was a responsible breeder of German Wirehaired Pointers. I have had personal experience with daily medications to having my own puppy ICU set up in my home.

    Pet medications are addressed on your personalized Pet Profile and incorporated into your “Peace of Mind Care Plan”.

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