Contact Eve at 815-543-4252 to provide you with a “Peace of Mind Care Plan” for your pet family member

Guardian Pet Care & Pet Sitting Services:

  • Basic rate is $16.00 per visit for 3 pets.
  • Each additional dog will be $3.00 and $1.00 per cat
  • Discounts are available for pets requiring frequent daily visits

Using Guardian Pet Care will keep the stress down, maintain your pet’s routine for mealtime, breaks, and limit exposure to possible disease.

Each pet visit will be approximately 30 minutes to provide companionship, reassurance, TLC, and comfort measures, pampering and 1:1 attention. While you are away, we will keep you informed with text, email and even photos of your pet.

Dog Care Services:

While you’re away, your dog will be in familiar surrounding at home. At each visit, or “House Call”, your dog(s) will be let out as instructed, walked, food will be given on schedule, water refreshed, and any medications (pills or injections) administered. Special care needs will be addressed for decreased stress and optimal health.

Cat Care Services:

Cat care is provided 1-2 times per day as requested per owner. At each visit, food will be given as scheduled, fresh water provided, and the litter box cleaned. Medications given as directed for pills or injections. Your cat has it’s own personality, so 1:1 pampering and attention is a part of your “Peace of Mind Care Plan”.

Holiday Pet Sitting Rates:

Holiday Visits are $5.00 extra per visit

New Year’s Eve & Day ~ Easter ~ Memorial Day ~ July 4th ~ Labor Day ~

Thanksgiving ~Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Veterinary Emergency Care:

In the event of urgent or emergency care, there will be a $20.00 per hour fee. All vet expenses will be paid by the owner as outlined in the Service agreement. Guardian Pet Care encourages Pet Parents to make prior arrangements with their Veterinary Clinic for payment of services. 

Payment of Services:

After the scheduled “Meet & Greet”, I request that services be paid in full before the date(s) of your confirmed reservation. I will call or email prior to the reserved dates, and ask about any updates or changes to your “Peace of Mind Care Plan. Notify me of any changes to your schedule as soon as possible.

Accepted payment is per check or cash.
NSF returned check fee is $30.00, plus bank fees.